Staff & Organization Development

Madison Metropolitan School District

Techniques for Gathering Data

  1. Interviews with students, parents, teachers

  2. Checklists of skills, behaviors, abilities, movement, procedures, interactions, resources

  3. Portfolios of a range of work from students of different abilities around a particular topic; a representation of a total experience; a collection of documents for analysis

  4. Individual files of students' work (e.g., tapes, samples of work, art work, memos, photos of models/projects, reports), of students' opinions; of student attitudes, of students' experiences

  5. Diaries/journals written by teachers, students, parents, class groups, teachers

  6. Field notes/observation records - informal notes written by a teacher

  7. Logs of meetings, lessons, excursions, school expectations, material used

  8. Student-teacher discussion/interaction - records of comments and thoughts generated by students

  9. Questionnaires of attitudes, opinions, preferences, information

  10. Audiotapes of meetings, discussions in class or about data gathered, games, group work, interviews, whole class groups, monologues, readings, lectures, demonstrations

  11. Videotapes of classrooms, lessons, groups, demonstrations, a day in a school, lunch times

  12. Still photography of groups working, classrooms, faces, particular students over time, at fixed intervals in a lesson

  13. Time-on-task analysis of students, teachers; over a lesson, a day, a week

  14. Case study - a comprehensive picture/study of a student or a group of students

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