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  2. CNN
  3. InfoPlease Fact Monster: Countries of the World
  4. U. S. Department of State Background Notes
  5. World Factbook
  6. World InfoZone

This web site has almost everything. CNN has information about the US, other countries that you are not really related to (you can type the country you want), business, sports, politics, education, entertainment and a lot other stuff. This site has vocabulary that is easy to understand, the information is useful, it's easy to move to pages and links and everything is updated. This site will help you a lot if in social studies and other stuff.

  • Student Author: Vanessa V.
  • Teacher: Patrick Godar Send E-mail to Patrick Godar
  • This site helped Patrick Godar's class answer the question(s) "Do you know what's going on around you?"
  • Librarian: Pam Nibbe Send E-mail to Pam Nibbe
  • School: Akira Toki Middle School
  • Year: 2001-2002

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If you are looking for a wonderful site for current events then you should go to It has a really flashy look and different categories like science, health, careers, and much, much more. It is very accurate and easy to read. It can run from any computer and all the links work. It is updated hourly and can be translated into different languages like Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Danish, and Korean. You get news from all over the world. So when you need some news you can't lose at

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InfoPlease Fact Monster: Countries of the World

So, you say you're doing a report? Then come check out InfoPlease "FactMonster." This site contains oodles of information on every country in the world, from a ruined city in Zimbabwe, to the Ethiopian Mountains, to the Blue Nile in Egypt. Every page is jam-packed with fun information, simple quizzes, and all the information you would ever hope to find on the specific country you might be researching. You can get lists on uncommon, but interesting categories, like the 50 most common languages. See if your city is one of the 50 largest in the world, or find out when other parts of the world have their holidays. Even the bright and colorful pictures will stun you! So, if you are researching a certain country, you should consider InfoPlease "FactMonster."

  • Student Author: Alison K. and Blake R.
  • Teacher: Linda Skuhra Send E-mail to Linda Skuhra
  • This site helped Linda Skuhra's class answer the question(s) "On what sites can you find interesting and accurate information about the history, geography, climate, culture, people, and other such topics of a country in Africa?"
  • Librarian: Eileen McGlynn Send E-mail to Eileen McGlynn
  • School: Spring Harbor Middle School
  • Year: 2001-2002

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U. S. Department of State Background Notes

Do you need info on Chile??? And FAST!??? Well then you should really check out this site. It has a LOT of information on Chile or any other country in Latin America. You just click on the country and you're there! Although this website was last updated in 1997, it still is a great source. The U. S. Department of State sponsors it with information on geography, people, government, economy and much more. This page seems very accurate and has links to other sources. This site has all the information you need.

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World Factbook

Amazingly, this page was made by the CIA! If you want information on South America and Central America, this is one easy site to use. This is an unbiased site which shows lots of information. It tells about the government, geography, people, economy, communications and tons more. The links are fast and easy to read, loaded with helpful information. (Shivanthi M. and Kelsey W. of Jefferson Middle)

John M. and Lindsay G., students of Linda Skuhra of Spring Harbor Middle, had this to say about this site: Do you want to learn about the climate and population of Mali? Well if you do, you should go to the World Factbook 2001. This site has information about every country from A to Z. Every page is jam-packed with amazing facts! It is a huge site with every statistic you would want to know about every country in the world. It comes complete with a color picture of the country's flag and a map that has the capital, major cities, and the surrounding countries. The site includes subtopics such as geography, climate, people, military, transportation, communications, transnational issues, government and other important topics. Since the CIA publishes this site you're sure to have the most accurate and reliable information possible.

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World InfoZone

Have you ever needed to use the internet to find information on a country, but haven't been able to find a good site to use? Have you ever spent hours searching the web, but found practically nothing good to use? I often encountered that problem, until I found the site "World Info Zone." It's a great site with all the information you could possibly use on almost every country. I used it for a report on Jamaica, and it was absolutely great! It has wonderful pictures, interesting facts, and a well-written report covering such things as geography, environment, economy, history, culture, sports, and many other topics. It loads quickly and easily, is well organized, and is up-to-date. I found tons of good information to use, and it didn't take very long to get that information. This is an absolutely wonderful site to use for information on a specific country. I highly recommend it.

  • Student Author: Rima K.
  • Teacher: Bob Morris Send E-mail to Bob Morris
  • This site helped Bob Morris's class answer the question(s) "What are some of the major tourist attractions found in this country? What economic issues face the country? How do the people use their natural resources and treat their environment?"
  • Librarian: Renee Hoxie Send E-mail to Renee Hoxie
  • School: Thomas Jefferson Middle School
  • Year: 2001-2002

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