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  5. Lonely Planet's Guide to Bermuda
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Doing a report on Haiti? This site is a great resource! They have information about Haiti's geography, culture, people, transportation, military, natural resources, transnational issues and communications. This site has a full map of Haiti, with every city and the oceans that border it. Its information is accurate an reliable. If you need information on Haiti, come to this site.

  • Student Author: Kelsey J. and Julia S.
  • Teacher: Judy Martin Send E-mail to Judy Martin
  • Technology Teacher: Jill Cohan Send E-mail to Jill Cohan
  • School: Ray F. Sennett Middle School
  • Year: 2001-2002

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The Islands of the Bahamas

Did you know that the Bahamas gained independence in 1973? I found this out at this great site. There are pictures of the people, food, beaches and beautiful scenery. This is lots about the history and who discovered it and when. Politics and government is explained thoroughly. There is information about culture, travel, news and weather, business and trade. There is even an image gallery! This site has good and accurate information and is easy to get around in. There is even a place you can go to and it gives you information for school projects! I recommend this site for people over ten years old.

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Landscape and Climate

Have you ever heard how great it is in the Bahamas or how cool the landscape is? Have you ever wanted to see a close up map or beautiful pictures? Have you ever read the book The Cay and wanted more information on that time? Well here's a site for you. This site has lots of pictures, maps, and fun facts. This site also tells about many volcanoes and animals that live in the Bahamas. This site explains the geographic location and some history on the island.It is basic site for lots of information.

  • Student Author: Matt J.
  • Teacher: Marjorie Passman Send E-mail to Marjorie Passman
  • This site helped Marjorie Passman's class answer the question(s) "Where can students learn more about the topic dealt with in the book The Cay?"
  • Librarian: Laura Holt Send E-mail to Laura Holt
  • School: Cherokee Middle School
  • Year: 2001-2002

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Latin American Network Information Center

What Latin American country is known for seafood and poetry? Chile. Did you know that? Go to this site and you will find a lot of new and exciting information about countries, economy, education, government, recreation and other exciting things. So visit this site!

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Lonely Planet's Guide to Bermuda

Have you ever wanted to go vacation on a beautiful island like Bermuda? If you want to go there, you would have to research first, wouldn't you? So this site is the best for you. It tells about the culture, economy, environment, getting there and away, map, history, money and costs, when to go and much more. You'll find all that you'll need and more.

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Welcome to Puerto Rico!

If you're looking for information on music from Puerto Rico, this is a perfect website to visit. It has different kinds of music like classical music, folk music, Bomba y Plena, salsa and recent music. It even tells you about different singers like Tito Puente who was the first salsa musician, and a lot of others. It tells you about the different kinds of instruments like a gourd and many others. So, if you're looking for information on Puerto Rican music, this is a perfect website to visit.

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