We thank Teaching and Learning Department and Library Media Services Division of the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) for their efforts in developing and implementing Internet Detectives. With their support, all MMSD middle school students are provided the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in becoming informed consumers of information on the Internet. We thank all of the MMSD participating schools, teachers and students.

We also thank Ken Frazier and Deb Reilly of the University of Wisconsin General Library System (GLS), who coordinated the implementation of KIDS Report, a predecessor to Internet Detectives, from 1998 to 2000. We thank them for their commitment and enthusiasm for the goals KIDS Report and Internet Detectives. Under their guidance, KIDS Report received a generous gift from John and Tashia Morgridge, and was aided by Pioneering Partners and Ameritech. We thank GLS for the transfer of remaining funds from KIDS Report to MMSD for support of Internet Detectives.

In addition, we thank the late Susan Calcari, of the Internet Scout Project, who initially created and designed the KIDS Report. The KIDS Report was modeled after the Internet Scout Project, which provides timely information to the higher education community about new and newly discovered Internet resources. Scout Report is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. We thank Susan for her vision, her ongoing commitment and her support since the summer of 1996.

The following individuals are currently participating as members of the Internet Detectives Advisory Committee. Their contributions are greatly appreciated.

  • Mary Ramberg, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Hal Balsiger, Curriculum Coordinator of Social Studies
  • Madge Klais, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin School of Library and Information Science
  • Mark Lea, Coordinator of Library Media Services
  • Joanne Lenburg, Librarian, Educational Reference Library
  • Ron Goral, Librarian, Instructional Materials Selection Center
  • Barbara Spitz, Technology Integration Specialist
  • Chris Burch, Computer Media Technician
  • Chris Burch, Graphics Designer



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