Child Assessment Tools

Get Ready to Read! Screening Tool

This screening tool is a 20-item instrument that focuses on skills in three areas: print knowledge, emergent writing, and linguistic awareness. This tool is a reliable, research-based series of questions for children in the year before they enter kindergarten to determine whether they have the early literacy skills they need to become readers. The primary developer of this tool is Grover J. Whitehurst.

The Work Sampling System

This is an ongoing observation assessment system that is used to document children’s skills, knowledge, behavior, and accomplishments across a wide variety of curriculum areas on multiple occasions in order to enhance teaching and learning.

The High/Scope Child Observation Record (COR)

There are two tools available: The High/Scope COR for Ages 2 ½ a-6 and The High/Scope COR for Infants and Toddlers. Each is an observational assessment tool that charts children’s development and progress over time in the areas of language, mathematics, initiative, social relations, creative representation, and music and movement.

Other Child Assessment Tools are available on the National Child Care Information Center website.