What are participants saying about the Launching Into Literacy & Math Institutes?

"All of the sessions have revitalized me! It's so great to come here and leave with new knowledge and new ideas." (2004)

"LILM works a lot like a terrific support group. It's so nice to not only learn some new things but also have the reinforcement that what you are doing already fits right in and relates to both early literacy and early math." (2005)

"I just feel more professional after taking a LILM session and thus I put out even more effort to be a good teacher of young children." (2005)

"Loved being around others in my field! I looked forward to seeing people each session." (2004)

"These trainings have sparked a greater interest in reading/writing readiness, including seeking more information on the web. (2003)

"We have many puppets available in our program but they are under-utilized. After the Jan 2008 LILM presentation, I began setting out puppets that coordinated with the stories I was reading and encouraged the children in my class to retell the stories using the puppets. It has been a great activity and often draws a large audience for the "performances" (January, 2008)

"In general, I've taken time to listen and converse with each child more since the 2008 Saturday. Also, the ideas from the music session are very useful and fun! Telling stories is fun!" (January, 2008)

"We've been adding "blueprints" to the block area to encourage communication between students to duplicate designs." (February, 2008)

"I have been more aware of math activities, used a greater variety and shared more with parents." (February, 2008)

"I learned to listen to families and children during casual and formal conversations. I can adjust my curriculum to include such books related to emotions, new baby, grandparents visiting, all ill children (several children in the hospital this year) and making new friends." (March, 2008)

"I use books in a larger variety of ways than I did before. I also use books as a theme and plan the rest of the curriculum around the book." (March, 2008)

"I have used the idea of matching my own voice and facial expressions to the child's emotion and facial expressions." (March, 2008)